Diveko GPS

diveko® TripMaster

The diveko® TripMaster Board computer was designed with special care in order to create both practical and user-friendly equipment. The large, two-line LED - lit display permits easy reading of the indicated values. Further the TripMaster is equipped with a serial interface in order to select the economically indispensable data, print them out or store in the PC for later use by means of a terminal program (e.g. OC CONSOLE).

Momentary value: Km/h, consumption L/100 km, number of revolutions, time/date
Fractional values (resetable): Km, consumption litre, consumption L/100 km, control time, average speed, supplementary retraction time, operation hours, 4 speed ranges divided in % of the engine running time, (static test-transient area-economical range- nominal speed excess)
Cumulative value: Like fractional values, however not resetable
Evaluation: The datas are processed in the TripMaster and recorded into the PC through the serial interface by means of a terminal program.

The evaluation per route and per day/week, daily start/end of work is stored in the PC for each vehicle.