Diveko GPS


Since 1976 diveko (dieselverbrauchskontrolle) has been designing and manufacturing fuel consumption meters. Naturally, we have to keep in step with the technical progress regarding commercial motor vehicles in order to be able to offer the top-of-the-line product. Our small but very experienced team introduces new methods and ideas putting practical and technically perfect products on the market again and again.

Very soon we realized that fuel consumption measurement alone is not sufficient and this fact made us design the first board computer, i.e. diveko® MEMORY Computer. The development of diveko TripMaster with serial interface allowed the further data
transfer to the PC.

In a short time diveko TripMaster was succeeded by diveko® mobile DATA providing the data storage on the RAM card.

In 2003 together with the software company Rhamses we started the development of the telematics system (so called diveko® WebMatic) and the CarMan software by Rhamses. After the four-year development and engineering experimental phase this matured system is now ready for its market launch.

We closely co-operate with our customers trying to convert all the new inputs into practice. And as a result of it all the users are always on the winning side and enjoy benefits. We are anxious to strengthen personal contact with our customers and provide them the best service and support. Our most ambitious goal is customer satisfaction.