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diveko® WebMatic
WebMatic is a telematic system for trucks, passenger cars, construction machines, tractors, etc. with integrated GPS/GSM modules from Siemens.

WebMatic constantly determines the current position as well as different economically important data by means of GPS receiver and sends them over GPRS to the web server. Here the data is stored and processed with the CARman software package. These evaluations are available for the user on the Internet.

The location and the route of the vehicle as well as the (un)loading points etc. are recorded in real time. All the data necessary for payroll jobs are provided.
(Control time, service life, normal - and overtime, as well as recordings for in-
and foreign country allowances).

If necessary this data can be transferred through the export interface to accounting for payroll. Regarding working machines not only the position, fuel consumption, engine running time, start and end of work are registered, but also the actual machine work time which is additionally measured by means of a movement sensor. The optionally available input terminal is designated for binding each vehicle stop (starting from the defined idle time) with a customer or a customer number and/or some kind of activity. This puts aside the time-taking rework of the route data.

To get the current comparison of the used up fuel and the tank quantity the terminal also needs the information on tank quantities.

It is also designated for dispatching and receiving the information. For driver recognition the terminal can be additionally equipped with a RFID reader. By means of a personal transponder the drivers are assigned to the respectively used vehicle. The vehicles can also be put into operation with the transponder only. Upon vehicle change the working hours and control time can correctly be assigned to the respective driver.

The diveko® DFE fuel consumption meter counts the fuel consumption accurately and compares it with the tank quantity in order to immediately determine the shortfalls.
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