Diveko GPS

CARman Software package

The CARman software package is installed on the Internet central server.
On one hand it has an advantage that software updates are available at once.

It also gives a good possibility to constantly oversee the vehicles by means of the Internet connection. (It is not pegged to a certain place; one can be easily informed of the vehicles status when sitting at the wheel). Every entitled user can get the access to the program by entering the users name and personal password. For various clients

The selected vehicles can be also provided for location by the user
(Just in time for transportation).

CARman program summary

  • Location
    Position, Route
  • Capacity report for drivers and vehicles
    Kilometer, control time, service life, work time, consumption, tank quantity, etc.
  • Fuel consumption data
    Both per vehicle and vehicle fleet Comparison of fuel consumption and tank volume
  • Tank data
    per vehicle and for the vehicle park entirely
  • Data export
    Wages and allowance data for payroll jobs
  • Building/Working Machines
    Position, beginning/ending work hours, engine hours, actual machine working hours, comparison ratio from working time, engine time and workday, Comparison fuel
    usage to fuel amount